Trace a Phone Number – The Quickest Way to Find Out Who’s Calling!


During my first nine years of marriage, I thought that things were fine. In hindsight, I wish that I knew about how to trace a phone number.

Not that it would have saved my relationship, but it would have helped me realize that I was holding on to a marriage that had already failed. Instead, I spent three more years with a philanderer who had no respect for our children and me.

I would feel inadequate hoping that things would get better, but they never did. Our story had a beautiful beginning. We fell for each other and decided to get married shortly after dating. Even though we had highs and lows in our marriage, we still enjoyed our life. However, shortly after getting two kids, things seemed to sour in our relationship.

My Marriage….

The passionate flame seemed to wane without any warning. At first, I assumed that this was normal and my friends believed that we were just going through a bad patch. In my eyes, I believed that our love was still strong. I gave everything for the relationship. I left my job and career to spend three years raising our beautiful children and becoming a wife to my husband.

The affair started three years ago, according to his account, but it might have gone on for longer, and with other women, I do not know. Before, we used to have fun hanging out at festivals and family events. However, he started making excuses around the time the affair started. Constantly disappointing our kids which created animosity and we would fight about him spending more time with us. At this moment, I realized that something must have destroyed our six-year marital bliss.

I confided in my friends, and they suggested a lot of things to help rekindle the love. Over three years I tried them all like going to the gym, wearing clothes that were more attractive and even cooking his favorite foods. Later on, it dawned on me that I was not the problem. As I was making an effort save it all, my spouse had already fallen in love with someone else.

The Affair….

The affair was blossoming, and her allure infatuated him. His feelings for me had waned, and he was only staying for the children. He always seemed too busy for me, but he would always make time to hang out with the kids without me.

In my mind, this served to back up my belief that he was committed to the marriage. In truth, he loved and provided for our children and the idea that he no longer loved me was unimaginable. I assumed that work was stressing him or age had waned his romantic side. My thoughts were filled with plans on how we can reignite the passion for each other in a second honeymoon.

Whenever I suggested leaving the children with their grandparents to get time alone, he would always pretend that he had more work to do. I painfully kept watching my husband drift into someones arms. Even in bed, we were like strangers with hardly a word or emotion to share. The anguish kept draining me.

This was when I started getting suspicious. Every time I phoned his workplace, the receptionist would tell me he had just left, but he would arrive home past midnight. His excuses always revolved around work, and my doubts started to grow. The anguish made me more curious. However, my investigations always turned to naught.

A dark realization dawned on me. If he was philandering for some time, then he must have become good at hiding it. I needed to know the truth, and my research led me to a way of phone number tracing. Even though I was nervous about snooping in this way, I had exhausted my options.

Here’s What I Did

First I determined that the number I was looking at was a cell phone number and not a landline number. I went to Google and searched “how to traca a mobile number” and after sifting through all of the junk my research led to a flawless method of tracing cell phone numbers. I wasn’t free there was a small fee to pay, but it sorted out my three-year problems in moments. The cost is nothing compared to the anguish that I kept inside for three years thinking that I was the one at fault.

Apparently, the phone tracing evidence showed that my husband had been spending his nights at another woman’s house. I needed to tell unleash so that he would realize his folly and ask for forgiveness. For my children’s sake, I was even willing to forgive him.
After showing him the evidence, my husband admitted that he was having an affair that had lasted three years. Unfortunately, he chose to move in with her.

Tragic as this may be, it is less painful that the torment I had to go through every day during the three years. We have already signed our divorce papers, and he is free to live with the woman he loves. He occasionally comes to spend time with our kids, but our relationship is over.

My story has a happy conclusion. I am now a rebuilding my career and slowly regaining the confidence lost in the course of my chaotic marriage. I got custody of my kids, and my life is a lot happier. As painful as the truth may have been, my life has blossomed again. My kids are doing better in a home with no negativity.

My advice to any women who may be struggling to hold on to a relationship, it may not be your fault. Take the bold step to find out the truth in your man’s life. You do not have to go through my three years of anguish. If you want to identify who is calling your spouse, you should trace the phone number.